About Cyber Optics

Learn about the Cyber Optics, their allies, enemies, friends and family.

Cyber Optics: The First Comic Ever for Generation Net!

Cyber, the Ruler of Information in the Digital World, is stressed because he can’t be everywhere at once to combat Criminal Hackers. He searches for a team to assist him, in promoting Net Ethics, and discovers three teenage girls, Zip, Java and Maya at a Magnet School for Technology.

Cyber transfers the Girls’ Genetic Code to Digital Code, so they can traverse Cyber Space while battling corruption and social injustice in the Digital World. While almost as harrowing as navigating the halls of a High Tech High School with classmates Crash, Worm and Harumi, the fun far outweighs the responsibility of being a Digital Super Hero.

The Digital Family


The Ruler of Information in the Digital World, a shape-shifting tornado of 0’s and 1’s. Overwhelmed by his battle against rampant cyber crime, he has found a team of three teenage girls, Zip, Java and Maya, to combat Crackers (Criminal Hackers) worldwide. Cyber transforms the girls’ Genetic Code into Digital Code, allowing the girls to traverse Cyber Space.


Cyber’s Assistant. He is a cool, funny and sometimes debonair young man of seemingly endless talents. Wired for excellence, James presides over Cyber Headquarters and is programmed to meet the girls’ every need. James also has a blog which you can read by clicking here.


The Down-to-Earth Rich Kid. A pretty 15-year old blonde who lives in Beverly Hills, California, with her workaholic mom, Zip is one of the most gifted programming students at the Magnet School for Technology. Her father was the head computer programmer for Worldwide Industries, and Zip learned computer language growing up at her father’s knee. Since her parents’ divorce, she has buried herself in her high-end computer system. Zip’s programming abilities serve as a common bond with her absent Dad, who now runs Worldwide from its Chicago headquarters.


The Mellow Tech Whiz. Tall, slim and 16 years old, Java has auburn hair, speaks French, and dreams of having a loft in Paris someday. She is a technical whiz with computer hardware, having learned exceptional skills from her Uncle Dava, a reformed hacker who now runs the Computer Lab at the Magnet School. Java has her own tech support business, helping the B. C. (before computers), technically handicapped crowd. Customizing and repairing their hardware, she also coaches her elderly clients to navigate their systems. She’s no slacker at home — When her mother who’s a nurse pulls doubles, Java helps her Grandmother keep the family’s Mar Vista, California, Bungalow in order.


The Vivacious Artist. A cheerful 15-year old Latina with blue-black hair, Maya works with state-of-the-art equipment to create colorful graphic arts and digital animation. Having won many art contests and prizes for her creative work, she now sells her art to corporations from her web site. Maya lives in East L.A. with her three brothers, Mom, and fun-loving Dad who drives the school bus for the Magnet School.

The Magnet School Family

Ms. Meme

The Girls’ Homeroom Teacher. Passionate about the virtual world and how computers have changed the way we live, she preaches a new future for Generation Net. Attractive and smart, this information-rich babe knows how to capture her students’ attention.

Uncle Dava

Java’s Uncle. Since he was a teenager, Dava’s been fixing other peoples’ systems. He served as Java’s babysitter while her mother was working doubles as a nurse, bringing his niece along on his gigs, teaching her all the tools of the trade. Once a naïve hacker, he got into trouble with the government and turned to White Hat hacking. Now he runs the Computer Lab at the Magnet School where he’s the zen master of Net Etiquette.


Magnet School Bully. A “Slirk” (Smart Little Information Rich Kid) using his Dad’s wealth to keep him in the latest of high-tech toys. Crash always wants to buck the rules and grab attention away from the girls.


Indian-American with a wry sense of humor, Worm is in the Business Track at the Magnet School. Worm longs to put his energy into something more creative, but instead aims to please his Father who is counting on Worm to follow in his footsteps. Originally from New Delhi and a protegee of Sanjay Mehrota who founded SanDisk, Worm’s father immigrated with his wife, and worked diligently to learn all he could from his sponsor. After Worm was born, Worm’s Dad opened his own business coding for contract and as Worm grew, he grew his business, hiring young upstarts to delegate his numerous accounts to. Worm’s parents, still steeped in tradition, dote on their only son.


A Japanese-American Animation Student. Easily the best-looking boy in school, Zip wastes no time developing a crush on him. Zip shows off her fluency in Japanese, which she learned from her dad, by constantly engaging Harumi in conversation.

Crackers and other Villains

Thomas Worthington

Thomas is the first Criminal Hacker the girls bring to justice! Thomas is rejected by Southampton University his Father’s alma mater. In revenge he plants a virus on their website that in turn infects Southampton’s entire student body and teaching staff’s computer systems. The Optics find him in his room surfing the Security News System Portal gloating over the news report about Southampton’s Hacker.

Freddie Crinkle

A scowling kid with a bad complexion who sneaks in front of the cool kids in line at a Toledo’s Burger Mania. After being teased at his favorite hangout Freddie hacks into the Franchise’s Headquarters and programs the shake machines to flood the Diners. He reverses the code after Zip gives him advice on banishing his acne.

Trojan Horses

A program that appears to perform a valid function but that contains hidden instructions in its code that cause severe damage to the systems on which it runs. Running loose in Cyber Space, the horses charge the girls until Java tames them with her skills.

Family and Friends

Zip’s Mom

A slim brunette and uber career woman she’s known as one of the top Producers in Hollywood. Divorced from Zip’s father, Janet is better at business than social gatherings or domestic chores. She cares deeply for her daughter though and keeps striving to give Zip a balanced life.

Zip’s Dad

Mr. McAllister lives in Chicago and runs WorldWide Industries, an international telecommunications company. As Zip grew up, Mr. McAllister worked from home and imparted all his knowledge to Zip, who he took care of while Zip’s Mom worked on location. Fiercely intelligent and dedicated to excellence, soon after the divorce he was promoted to Chicago where he rose to President of the U.S. division of Worldwide. Now, he and Zip communicate via web-cam.

Zip’s Dad’s Assistant

A fast analyzer, it’s her job to stay a step ahead of Mr. McAllister. Originally from India and still wearing the Braid she sported in college, her job is her life.

Zip’s Friend, Suki

Living in Chicago, she is the daughter of Hiro, an Asian-American female computer scientist that works for Zip’s Dad. Suki speaks English and Chinese fluently and is comfortable cracking jokes or Gaming in either language. Zip hangs out with her when she stays with her Dad in Chicago.

Java’s Grandmother

A single Mom, she raised Java’s Uncle Dava and Java’s Mom with a firm hand. When Dava got in trouble for Hacking on a government site and the authorities showed up at their door, Dava feared his Grandmother’s wrath more the FBI’s. A couple of years ago Java and her Mom, a hard working nurse, moved back in and now Java’s Grandmother enjoys bossing them all around; when she’s not watching her favorite TV shows.