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James is Cyber's assistant and facilitator of the Cyber Optics' cybercrime-fighting adventures, and this is his blog. If there's any Cyber Optics news you'll need to keep up on, this is the place to find it. Read on, and visit our Photo Gallery to check out pictures of our Fans, Family, Friends and Live Events!

New Cyber Optics Motion Comic

In today’s Digital Age everyone is vying for attention and engagement on social media. Remember your posts and interactions define who you are, be careful not to adopt the look at me approach, as it can limit your social presence as a creative being. Post for fun, but don’t leave out thought. Words live on forever in the Digital World!

In the meantime, feast your eyeballs on the 1st APPISODE of the CYBER OPTICS MOTION COMIC SERIES, “THE CONTEST.”

Cyber Optics Issue 3 Available Now!

Cyber Optics Issue 3: The Digital Divide, is now available for purchase! Includes a pull-out poster featuring Cyber Headquarters and a Crossword Puzzle in honor of Ray Harryhausen, an American visual effects creator, writer, and producer who created a form of stop-motion model animation known as “Dynamation.” His most memorable works include the animation on Mighty Joe Young (1949), with his mentor Willis H. O’Brien, which won the Academy Award for special effects; The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958), his first color film; and Jason and the Argonauts (1963), featuring a famous sword fight against seven skeleton warriors. His last film was Clash of the Titans (1981). Harryhausen stands as a beacon to today’s fantasy filmmakers as the creator who inspired them and made the impossible possible. Get the issue here! »

Cyber Optics Gadgets

« Enlarge this CYBER OPTICS INFOGRAPHIC and learn more about the cool gadgets used by the Cyber Optics Team!

Happy 2013

Cyber Optics Trading Cards Mankind has not woven the web of life. Humans are but a thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. The same principle applies to the World Wide Web.

Thanks to the growth of Internet use, families and friends are more connected than ever before. Web conferences across the globe allow companies to truly work together. But with so many devices and social networks, apps and games, one can become anxious and gadget obsessed. Checking for gaming updates, texts and messages every five minutes? Lucky for you, we have some things to help you disconnect.

Issue 3 “The Digital Divide” is now available. Order it here on the site and kick back for an exciting read. Maya deep sea dives to save Zip who is trapped in an undersea transcontinental ocean floor cable as digital code. The Issue boasts a pull out poster of Maya’s undersea adventure! It also boasts the clues to crack the new crossword puzzle.

2013 also debuts our all-new Trading Cards – A visual treat. Send in the crossword puzzle completed and we’ll send you a card from the awesome new deck. And remember when it comes to the web, information last forever! Resist the urge to post, tweet or share photos you may later regret. You don’t have to completely unplug but be cautious of the digital trails you leave behind.

Cyber Optics at Stan Lee’s COMIKAZE!

Cyber Optics at Stan Lee's COMIKAZE! Sept 15th and 16th, 2012

Join the CYBER OPTICS TEAM on September 15th & 16th for STAN LEE’S COMIKAZE!! Creator Kathy Messick will be signing Issues from the CYBER OPTICS Comic Book Series for Generation Net. Cyber Optics Apparel and Merchandise will also be featured and two signed Posters raffled off. Stop by their table for a raffle ticket. You don’t want to miss this show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Buy your tickets now!

Cyber Optics invade Mount Saint Mary’s College!

Cyber Optics at Mount Saint Mary's September 8, 2012

Cyber Optics Creator Kathy Messick to speak September 8, 2012 at Mount Saint Mary’s College in Brentwood, California during the Women’s Leadership Series. The multi-media presentation on Net Ethics is titled “Owning your Digital Footprint”. Check the Mount Saint Mary’s Site for details »

Cyber Optics Sponsors Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media Benefit!

Ms. Meme

On May 2nd, 2012, Cyber Optics Entertainment was as an official sponsor for the Geena Davis’s Institute of Gender in Media! William Turner, owner of Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA, hosted a fantastic evening to bring awareness to institute’s findings.

Geena was quite the comedian while delivering some startling facts about Gender Inequality in Media. Also, Brown Johnson (Nickelodeon Networks) spoke about the Network being open to cartoons with female leads, citing Winx Club & Legend of Korra debut on the Nickelodeon channels. It was so nice NOT to hear that tired old phrase “We’re only looking for Boy Centric properties.” It’s so last millennium!

View Geena’s Gender In Media Site »

Looking Ahead: 2012

Sneak Peek of Cyber Optics Sizzle ReelFebruary kicks off travel to New York City for KSS & TOY FAIR where Cyber Optics will be debuting their ANIMATED SIZZLE REEL based on their Comic Book Series. Written and Created by Kathy Messick, Directed by Mark Simon and Animated by Loogaroo Studios, the animation expertly shows off the entire cast of characters. The newly reformatted 24 page, action packed Issue 2 Burger Mania Comic will also be released. Read it here on the site and send in the interactive contest from the inside back cover to win a free Cyber Optics Prize!

In the meantime remember whatever you post on the Net builds a textual and visual history that will be accessible to not only the colleges and jobs you apply for, but to that special person you’re interested in, should they choose to Google you or look you up on the social nets. Keep private what should be kept private. Your future self will thank you! But, please share the best news you have and your favorite new technology by e-mailing us at info@cyberopticsentrertainment.net. Zip, Java or Maya will get back to you if I don’t. Let us know which character’s storyline you’d like to see unfold next in Cyber Optics, and send in your name, age and the city/country you live in if you’d like to see a Cyber Optics TV Series. We’ll add it to the growing list!

Looking Back on 2011

Looking Back on 2011 ImageCyber Crime is on the rise! This past year besides the many corporations that were attacked and even more so embarrassed by the attacks – Criminal Hackers usual teenage suspects were joined by Criminal Corporate Hackers stealing information for headlines and financial gain. Corporate Hacking Scandals rates amongst the worst of cyber crimes, destroying the trust in the institutions the public puts their faith in. Anyone caught Criminal Hacking faces prosecution but corporations exposed to be using these practices biggest challenge is to regain not only the public trust, but the young talent it hopes to attract to work in its organization trust. Net Ethics goes both ways, we expect kids, teenagers, young students and employees to have it. Now we must also hold our corporations and public organizations to the same Net Ethics.

2011: Generation Net Reigns Supreme!

KidScreen logoWomen In Toys LogoToy Fair 11 LogoWell here it is February 2011 already, and the Groundhog in all of us is yearning for Spring. We’re off for our annual sojourn to New York… and ready to bear whatever old man winter still has to bring! We get to attend Toy Fair and will be exhibiting at the Women In Toys booth #5241, February 14th from 1:00 to 3:00. February 15th WIT will raffle off our comic in a special drawing. We also get to see all our pals at KSS, Kids Screen Summit and debut this awesome new website, along with our 24 page ISSUE ONE OF THE CYBER OPTICS SERIES, “ A NEW IDENTITY.”

Laser Blast image

The girls and I got some new winter gear and Cyber booked us at the Hilton and arranged tickets for a Broadway Show. I’m super excited as this is when I get the chance to catch up with so many of my international friends. Zip, Java and Maya have a long list of places to ferret out and are sure to keep me super busy. They’re looking forward to having a break from the Magnet School in California and are busy testing all their new digital tools to battle Cyber Crime. So I am taking my vitamins and getting an upgrade from Cyber, to be in top form to look after the Girls! Check out our awesome cover at left, and hit me up for a Comic in NYC!

One of Cyber Optics' biggest fans getting a comic signedOh and check out one of our “Biggest Fans” getting his Comic signed during our LIVE ACTION PRESENTATION at Heliotrope Elementary School in Maywood California. Grades Kindergarten through 5th were treated to a Live Action Performance a Q&A with the Cyber Optics and a Comic Book Raffle. Heliotropes’ Students pledged to be part of the Cyber Optics Team, to practice Net Ethics and become more aware of their Digital Footprint!

Best, James