Looking for Comics? You’re in the right spot! Read the newly REFORMATTED, REBRANDED 24 PAGE Issue One: “Cyber Optics – A New Identity”, Issue Two: “Cyber Optics – Burger Mania!” and Issue Three: “The Digital Divide”, which boasts Ray Harryhausen hosting the Crossword Puzzle, a tribute to the late genius & special effects artist.

Each Issue features Glossaries, Interactive Puzzles, Splash Pages to color in and Pull-Out Posters. Send us your completed versions from the INTERACTIVE CONTEST SECTION and CYBER OPTICS will send you a free TRADING CARD!! If you’d like to order any of these comics in book form, head over to the store!

Issue 1: Cyber Optics-A New Identity

Reveals the exciting origins of the Cyber Optics! Cyber, the Ruler of Information in the Digital World, becomes stressed when he can’t be everywhere at once to solve rampant cyber crime. He searches for a team to assist him and finds three teenage girls, Zip, Java and Maya at a Magnet School for Technology. Mistaken for an interactive game, Cyber transfers the girls Genetic Code to Digital code, by requesting them to put their thumbs on the school lab’s main scanner. Digitizing at Cyber Headquarters, James, Cyber’s assistant challenges them to become Digital Super Heroes and help fight cyber crime as Cyber Optics.

Issue 2: Burger Mania!

When Toledo’s Burger Mania is attacked by a virus that spreads through their national chain, causing milkshake machines to flood franchises one by one, Cyber summons the girls for help. Catapulted from the school’s outside Cafeteria where Zip flirts with classmate Harumi, to Cyber Headquarters, the girls quickly shift gears. Following different threads, Zip takes a logical approach while Java and Maya digitize to Burger Mania’s Corporate Headquarters, only to be held at gunpoint by a security guard! Upon escaping they join Zip in Cyber Space and zero in on the culprit of Burger Mania’s demise, a disgruntled teenage patron with an acne problem! Zip cleans up his act with a simple suggestion saving the Burger Mania Franchise from total destruction.

Issue 3: The Digital Divide

Zip’s Underesea Adventure goes awry when her digital code gets stuck in a transpacific, ocean floor, fiber optic, cable! Maya dons a diving suit to try and save her friend but first she must elude a giant octopus!