Interactive Contests

Here’s your chance to participate and show off your digital skills! Use Photoshop or Illustrator and give some of the activities below a try!

Interactive Art Contest

Scan to hand color or color via photoshop and win a free Cyber Optics Trading Card! Email your entries to in .jpg format (not to exceed 5MB). Be sure to tell us your age.

Crossword Puzzle Contest

Solve these crosswords to win a free Cyber Optics Comic Book! Email your entries to in .jpg format. Be sure to tell us your age.

Visit the glossary to learn some tech lingo and to help with the crossword clues!

Download the crossword puzzle as a PDF file here.

Ocean Floor Maze

Cyber Optics Ocean Floor Maze

Help Zip reach Cyber Optics HQ in this fun interactive maze.

Make Your Own Comic Trailer

Use the You Tube Video File, Images from the Cyber Optics Art Vault and Photo Gallery along with your own music to make an original Cyber Optics mash-up video and upload it to Youtube! Once you do, e-mail us and we’ll post the best ones here!

Here is the YouTube trailer

Download the trailer here in mp4 format as a .zip file

Cyber Optics Fan Mash-Ups

Check out this outstanding mash-up trailer by fan J. Kizwani!