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James is Cyber's assistant and facilitator of the Cyber Angels' cybercrime-fighting adventures, and this is his blog. If there's any Cyber Angels news you'll need to keep up on, this is the place to find it. Read on, and visit our Photo Gallery to check out pictures of our Fans, Family, Friends and Live Events!

Looking Ahead: 2012

Sneak Peek of Cyber Optics Sizzle ReelFebruary kicks off travel to New York City for KSS & TOY FAIR where Cyber Optics will be debuting their ANIMATED SIZZLE REEL based on their Comic Book Series. Written and Created by Kathy Messick, Directed by Mark Simon and Animated by Loogaroo Studios, the animation expertly shows off the entire cast of characters. The newly reformatted 24 page, action packed Issue 2 Burger Mania Comic will also be released. Read it here on the site and send in the interactive contest from the inside back cover to win a free Cyber Optics Prize!

In the meantime remember whatever you post on the Net builds a textual and visual history that will be accessible to not only the colleges and jobs you apply for, but to that special person you’re interested in, should they choose to Google you or look you up on the social nets. Keep private what should be kept private. Your future self will thank you! But, please share the best news you have and your favorite new technology by e-mailing us at info@cyberopticsentrertainment.net. Zip, Java or Maya will get back to you if I don’t. Let us know which character’s storyline you’d like to see unfold next in Cyber Optics, and send in your name, age and the city/country you live in if you’d like to see a Cyber Optics TV Series. We’ll add it to the growing list!


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